Uncommunicables Pill Thread

Hi all,
I want to post this thread to share my thoughts and research on this workspace. Since it’s a rather quirky game proposal, it should be fun to have a conversation about it! :smile:
Here’s my original proposal

Additionally, I want to share a sentence that has been haunting me for a couple of days:

Characteristic use of language is for thought, not for communication. ——— Noam Chomsky

Same, art is not for expression, and protocols are not for communication. Only with this fundamental understanding can we begin to explore what constitutes communication that isn’t communicative, expression that isn’t expressive, and what uncommunicables really is.

Maybe I am wrong! But I hope I can be wrong in a fun way.
I hope I could set this as the origin of coordinates to start this project.

Looking forward to hearing any thoughts on this!

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And thanks to Amber for this inspiring quote.