Pill: Protocol with uncommunicables

The goal of this program is to design a game to study and explore ways to coordinate and make protocol with incommunicables.
The object of the game - irrational, uncommunicative, and troubling to you
Game process: During the game process, through the guidance of options, try to let the player coordinate with all non-communication things through the way of making protocol. The options used in the game are researched and appropriated based on existing protocols. Let the player learn how to draft a protocol by playing.
Pigeon urban Space Defecation Protocol
Baby public space screaming protocol
Supermarket arrangement protocol
“There will be a power outage this afternoon.”

We go through the game to help players find out who/what they really want to sign a protocol with. At the same time, we explore various themes on our own, find ways to sign protocol and make templates for players to reference and choose from.


I recommend you to refer a project TeleAbsence from MIT Media Lab.

The purpose of Telepresence is to connect people who are alive. TeleAbsence aims to create illusionary communication channels with those no longer with us to soothe the pain of bereavement . TeleAbsence is designed around tangible objects, such as old typewriters, telephones, brushes, and pianos that were once touched and marked by the hand of a loved one.