PILL: Automatic Protocol Process for Everyone

Team Member:


We want to do make a simple interactable prototype / video that

  • Helps people know what is a Protocol.
  • Helps people do more, think less (does not mean we act like braindeads).

Essentially, we’d like to deliever a value that’s best articulated through this quote:

“Civilizations advance by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.”


When I just graduated from primary school, I watched a TV series called The Shield. In the series, the Shield is like CIA, a group with high-tec equipment and trained agents, but I also noticed a word that at that time, still strange to me, called “Protocol”. The Shield Agents had all these Protocol No.1 - No.99, and they will call out the Protocol’s name under certain circumstances.

I was very lonely back then. And I wanted myself to be as efficient as possible. I wanted myself to be able to operate like a robot. I started designing protocols for myself.

I had protocols for my study, my life, the essence is this cycle: Identify Issues - Match Existing Protocols - Execute.

For example, for a lonely kid like me back then, we have lots of phychological issues. I had no one to turn to, so I need to design a few things to cheer myself up. But people forget things, so I write them down. Whenever I am in trouble, or feel suffocated (trust me, when you are alone like me back then, you could really suffocate to death in daylight), I would bring up my protocol, and proceed as the protocol says, like listening to a certain song, or do something, and I can just be cheered up.

I found this was most useful. I wrote more protocols. If I feel not so energized like usual, I go through the protocol’s checklist, and do as the protocol says.


From the story above, I learned that protocols are like railway. You as a person design a favored destination, and how you want to reach the destination, and you build railways. Protocols serve as railways, as they help us not get sidetracked.

Setting the protocols initiation requirements makes us more aware of ourselves. Protocols don’t just perform themselves, but we as the agent need to initiate it. This forces us to be more aware of our status, our wellbeing, and when we should initiate a protocol to help us do more things.

GTD is a good protocol. Writing daily notes is a good protocol. Setting up and maintaining your own Second Brain is a good protocol.

What We Want to Do

We want to teach people how to make good protocols for themselves, and how to be aware of themselves.

How We Will Achieve This

We’d like to make interactable prototypes or videos, to help people understand how protocols can help themselves do more, while need to think less.