【PILL】 Emotions in crypto: AI Visualizing Cryptocurrency Market History Dynamics Through Sentiment

This project captures blockchain data to track the ups and downs in cryptocurrency prices and their overall market value over the last four years. Analyze mood swings by picking up key phrases from Twitter, assigning different colors to various emotions. Using programming and AI, we combine all these elements—the data trends, emotional colors—to create a video that vividly showcases the history of the crypto market.

Data need to capture:

  • Tradnig volume changes overall markets
  • Important changes in the price of BTC or ETH
  • Extract people’s emotional texts from Twitter or other platforms, give them different color, showing the sentiment, like fear, ecstasy.
  • Tag the data
  • Feed AI with these information
  • Generating & creating the Video

The reason of making this is:

  1. Educational Impact: Enhances understanding of crypto market dynamics.
  2. Corrects Misconceptions: Shows how sentiment influences market behavior.
  3. Attracts New Talent: Draws interest through innovative data visualization.
  4. Promotes Transparency: Builds trust and clarity in the crypto industry.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

What if we could show this video to new crypto buyers before they invest?

It might help them cool down and make smarter choices. But I bet most exchanges wouldn’t be too keen on that idea.

Our economy is way too hooked on FOMO culture, filled with too many ponzi and scams. Most folks are just pawns being played.

If the news and media are mostly driven by FOMO culture,

How free am I?

How smart are our investments?

How free are our thoughts and decisions?

Hope this video can do little to make the world better.

I used to be an urban planner and designer. Some of my designs won awards like the IFLA-APR Outstanding Award, for neighborhood renewal projects in old districts, but most stayed just as plans on paper, due to things like low budgets or changing policies.

It hurt to see creations unappreciated and unrealized. It seemed like design and art were at the bottom of the economic value flow. Who cares about a small designer’s tears and frustrations?

Luckily, I got a chance to go back to school, and dive into a new field at biz schools, PKU and NUS - top2 in Asia, where I studied finance and economic management. Meanwhile, I landed a full-time gig in the crypto world.

As a CEX analyst, I learned how heavy the word ‘Listing’ can be—some celebrate, but most are left disappointed. I won’t deny the economic importance of ICOs and TGEs, but it seems not many artistic works reflect or think about this. Behind the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, many emotions and stories go unnoticed—this is our collective memory, our crypto history.

Sometimes, the designer in me clashes with my financial analyst side. Like with the SoP proposal—I almost gave up on participating in PILL, thinking it wasn’t worth mentioning, and that no one would care.

Among my friends in crypto and finance, many are obsessed with price changes, barely eating or sleeping as they chase the latest market trends and trade like crazy. They’ve made good money but are still not satisfied, feeling lost and alone deep inside. Sometimes, I think about gifting them a book of poetry, but I know they wouldn’t have time to read it. I’ve naively tried introducing them to interesting art and design, but unless it’s an expensive NFT with investment potential, they’re not interested.

I’ve heard it said, “Art is just an economic calling card.” I’m not sure whether to argue.

So, this PILL piece is my response—art isn’t just an economic calling card; it’s a container for economy with emotions.

Humans are emotional monkeys chasing status, and economic and market actions are choices made by emotional beings. Crypto history is also a history of our emotional fluctuations.

I hope this container can hold the ups and downs of the crypto world over the past few years, reflecting our shared emotions and serving as a small piece to comfort those who’ve been around and warn the newcomers.

That’s my story and confession behind this proposal.


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Fascinating idea with the mindset of conceptual art! In the past few years, the success of crypto art is, at its core, concerned with the reconstitution of identity in the virtual world.