PILL:NFT+Generative Art Creation Economy on Farcaster

Project Inspiration and Concept

As an interaction designer, digital artist, and observer of the crypto industry, I have been drawn to the content production methods, token economy model, and the consensus-building mechanisms of the Farcaster platform. It not only serves as a place for interaction but also as a space for “infinite game” of ongoing creation and engagement.

In this project, I will use Farcaster as a practical field to explore how the platform mechanisms of Farcaster+Zora influence creation, sales, and the interaction between creators and audiences. My goal is to engage in a two-month series of creative practices on Farcaster, resulting in a collection of unique NFT works.

I plan to develop a set of generative algorithms as my “creative protocol,” anticipating the use of AI prompts combined with data algorithms. This algorithm will incorporate certain on-chain data as specific parameters during the practice process, ensuring that each release has a similar style or characteristic, but uniqueness, and can reflect community dynamics to some extent.

Points of Exploration

In this project, I will focus on exploring the following aspects of “protocol”:

Generative Algorithm + AI Prompt: I treat the algorithm controls creative input as a type of “protocol,” exploring how this custom “protocol” can intervene in the creative process to produce NFT artworks.

Sales Protocol: Study how the method of issuance, quantity, pricing strategies, and revenue distribution system impact market feedback and community sentiment, and how these factors collectively shape the consensus value of artworks.

Farcaster Token System: Explore how Farcaster’s primary token “protocols” system, featuring $degen and $enjoy, affects creator revenue, and discuss the relationship between the platform’s economic model and creator motivation.

Final Output

The output is to create and issue a series of NFT artworks, anticipated to show on the Zora platform. I aim to personally practice within the Farcaster community ecosystem as a creator, while further exploring the opportunity to intervene in artistic creation with data and algorithms as “protocols”. As the project develops, I may develop the digital artwork(NFT) further into an art installation in a physical space and produce some writing based on my insights. Let’s see!


Do you have a term-mate, your idea is very close to mine. If we can collaborate?

Hiiiii Viki, it’s an individual project for now and I’m open for any talk and collabration to take it a further step.

The approach to using “protocols” as creative and sales mechanisms may well pave the way for future artists and designers in the crypto space. I’m eager to see the collection evolve and the impact it will have on the NFT community and beyond.

I’m an AI developer, if you need prompts and stable diffusion development work, I’d like to give you a hand.

Completely agree! It’s not just about the technology but how it enables new forms of artistic expression and ownership, and potentially setting new standards for how art is created, distributed, and appreciated in the digital age. The impact is not only on the NFT community, but also influencing broader digital and physical art. We are so early!

Thank uuuuu Ashley :yum: