PILL: Whiteboard animation to popularize protocols for outsiders

Create a whiteboard animation that’ll make it easy for the folks to understand what the protocols are and how can get involved.

Whiteboard animations have a knack for simplifying complex ideas—think ‘Bitcoin Explained in 5 Minutes.’ They make abstract concepts more visual and approachable.

Video structure

Many folks don’t realize that our society operates on a series of protocols. So, the video’s opening act is all about getting people to notice the protocols that shape our daily lives. (Maybe ask them to imagine life on Mars to highlight how many protocols we’d need to rethink)

Next, the video will draw parallels with the past, like how ancient civilizations kept records with knots, and today we’ve got blockchain. This analogy ties protocols to things viewers already understand.

By the end, the video will focus on two questions: what protocols need to be popularized today? And what social issues could we solve by finding new protocols? Laying out these points will show viewers how they can get involved and make a difference.

It will take time for me to research the appropriate analogy and list of protocols and issues. Already started.

Topics hope to discuss

  • Will we have a communications group to promote the work of the PILLs?

    I can contact a dozen of media and communities and invite them to post my work in the Chinese-speaking world and it’s a pleasure to contribute my efforts for SoP.

  • Do you think one good video is enough to apply for the PILL or do you suggest several videos?


Yes we will host discussions here on this forum, and promote.

And yes, one good video is a reasonable target for a PILL grant.

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