Formulating a Protocol Pill

In this talk, I’ll attempt to synthesize the learnings from last year and look ahead at the research priorities and program agenda for this year, through the lens of how to formulate and deliver a protocol pill unto the world, and why that’s a good idea.

Link to slides (may change)


link to livestream

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Gonna need one of these




any comments on Owocki.Ξth (@owocki)'s work with (@greenpillnet) as a reference point ???

Amazing talk today – the talk itself made me think of a category for scene-building:

An event. Like artistic events – eg, Maurizio Cattelan’s banana artwork, Warhol’s soup cans, Marina Abramovic sitting…

Events are milestones that not only make news, potentially bring in a flood of normies, they are high-water marks for those within the scene, forever discussion points (probably even recenters collective memory). And “public” is likely a mandatory aspect.

vgr talks are events themselves for the protocol-community, Ethereum’s proof-of-stake release was an event, Amazon’s S3 and EC2 announcements were early major events for cloud (S3 API became a de-facto protocol), Bezo’s memo stipulating API inside Amazon (and Steve Yegge’s rubber mallet writeup) is unforgettable – maybe events are catalysts.


It’s great! I’ve gone on the podcast twice with interesting reactions both times. Kevin’s managed to speak to the crypto crowd while also building bridges beyond. The “green pill” is mostly thematic with him, but it would be great to see it expand into a full kit.

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Hmm yeah. Events are where ingroup meets outgroup often. Art scenes are interesting to think about because most don’t get beyond ingroup echo chamber. But Warhol is a good example of hacking normie culture beyond.

I just went to a Hokusai exhibition, and his art scene/school really hacked 19th century Japanese culture at large.

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I will check your sessions on the podcast for additional details on your views / comments
from an outside observer, it seems to me that ReFi + Public Goods <> Web3 are interesting “labs” to learn strategies on “pilling” and building bridges to impact Real World…

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “escapist comfort portkey” in the structure of a protocol kit?

I think every kit catalyzes a space for escapist imagination to operate – storytelling, myth-making, art etc. At least kits with a retail-cultural nature to them. For eg. Lego universe induces even movies. Lego free-builds have a very particular artistic vibe to them – a bit twee, but impressively nerdy. The primary-colored pieces induce a particular creative vibe. Contrast with Meccano, or an Arduino electronics learning kit. Very different escapisms.

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Did a quickie blog post, with an updated version of my kit template graphic.

Universal Kit Template