PILL: On-chain Data Sculpture Exhibition

The on-chain world is shaped by the data we own, and current data visualization tools are not enough for us to actively connect with our data. Do I understand my data? Can I interact with my data? How can I connect with others through my data? We need more diverse representations of data.

Data sculpture applies physical objects to represent data; these can be crafted from various materials, inviting people to interact with them on a different perceptual level. We have lots of narratives on-chain: some make us pleased, others encourage, and some even disgusted. Yet, most times, we feel lost and exposed to misunderstanding! What if we could bring those narratives off-chain and invite creators to sculpt physical objects that interpret their stories in exhibitions?

A compelling data sculpture should offer multiple layers of engagement. Audiences can swiftly grasp the main narrative, yet the work always provides an opportunity for deeper exploration, encouraging everyone to co-create and support the narrative.

We need curators who not only commit to care about the data and its ownership but also aim to cure everyone involved in the exhibition.

This proposal can be developed into a set of fiction designs of data sculpture and/or a standard for curation for the future.