This is an energetic and darkly humorous story about human nature

Mnemonic seed & Dementia

The father, suffering from dementia, is meticulously cared for by his children, all with the aim of helping him recall the mnemonic seed for several billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin. After he recites a few, they realize that the objects placed in the living room could be associated with the mnemonic seed, a result of the father’s reorganizing the living room during the early stages of his dementia. However, despite their efforts to input the mnemonic seed, they fail to unlock the wallet. In a fit of rage, they return to the living room only to find the father walking around normally, brewing tea, as if the dementia had never occurred. The father quips, “Having a billion bitcoins is too boring; I pretended to have dementia just to mess with you guys, haha.” The children respond with frustration, “Fuuuuck,” while the old man dances around gleefully, “Yeaaaaah!”

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children are from greedy to furious.
father is hopelessly laughing his ass off