PILL: Golden Years Governance

“Golden Years Governance” is a heartwarming and innovative drama series set in a near-future where an elderly co-living community is revolutionized by blockchain technology. Here, the residents don’t just live together; they thrive together, managing their communal life via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Each resident contributes to the community by performing caregiving tasks, earning blockchain-based tokens that can be exchanged for other services within the community, from healthcare to leisure activities.

This system empowers the elderly, giving them autonomy and a sense of purpose, while also ensuring their care needs are met by the community itself. The series explores the challenges and triumphs of setting up and running a DAO, the dynamics of a token economy in a tight-knit community, and the personal stories of residents who find late-life friendships and renewed meaning in their “Golden Years.”

Future: Create an engaging poster that captures the essence of the community. It should feature a vibrant and active elderly community with members engaging in various activities (gardening, playing chess, cooking together) highlighted by blockchain motifs like digital nodes and links. Clickable areas where viewers can see examples of token transactions or participate in a mock DAO vote. A timeline showing a typical day in the community through the lens of a resident, detailing their interactions and token transactions.


Great proposal. I’ve thought a quite a bit on how to bridge older generations into our ‘now-future’… Will You be using Youtube or another streaming service? And is Your intended audience the golden year group or their offspring?

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Thanks for you response. Well I’m still thinking about what kind of medium to use to make the elderly understand and accept this concept.