PILL: HashPulse Services PTY LTD

Here is the pitch for my proposal
In the future all homes are built with GPU mining walls that are powered by a small Nuclear reactor in each home, I’m talking a diesel generator sized nuke power core. The GPUs run blockchain and AI around the world. This was initiated to stop centralisation of the hardware assets required for decentralised technology and AI. People earn money off their GPU farms and take power from the Nuclear core. But there is a requirement for service and maintenance of the farms that goes to the individual.
So, the story is about a high school drop out who has taken a job with a local company, HashPulse Services PTY LTD, that service homes having trouble with their farms and Nuke generators - which are safe by the way.

Our story begins with the young service repair guy on his way to check out a problem at an apartment complex. There, he finds that he has to negotiate the power shut down with all the different people who live and work at the complex. various protocols are required to maintain this type of system and for everyone to benefit financially. He meets a girl, is interrupted, needs parts, has to explain the system to people, meets everyone while he talks to them about why he has to shut down the power to fix the issue.

It’s a short story with some drawings to help set the scene and illustrate characters.

Looking forward to your feedback, hope you all have a great weekend.


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