SoP 2024 Question Thread

Questions about applications? Important dates? RFC Instructions? Reading materials? Acronyms?

Ask them here! :point_down:


Is it normal/acceptable to use part of the grant money to hire freelancers for additional help? Like, could we hire developers to help code various “organizational design” protocol experiments, to test different ideas?

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The default intent is for the grant to be divided equally as stipends between the 2 proposers but up to you so long as both proposers work full time on this. There will be a separate research budget all teams can make claims against for expenses like this in some cases, but if we are unable to draw on that for whatever reason, you can use your main grant at your discretion for such supplemental labor. Keep in mind that any work you source that way must still be publishable under the grant terms (so work-for-hire released open source for example). Ideally note any such plans/estimates in your RFC so we’re aware.


Hey! I posted a pig RFC but I get a 422 error when I try to publish an edit. I’ve tried on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Hey @calsbot I adjusted some settings. Hopefully it helps. Try again and let me know how it goes!

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I realised the issue is with posting links. I can post without but when I include in markdown I get 422 error. But maybe this intentionally disabled : )

Were you trying to post multiple links? Just noticed in settings that there was a cap of 2 per post. I increased it to 5, so maybe that’ll help! If not, just toss the links in the comments of your topic?

Exactly yes was posting 4. Thanks for looking into this!

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Is there a word limit on the answers to the PIG RFC questions? I think one of the other RFCs mentioned something along these lines but I can’t seem to find that info anywhere.

About 500 words recommended. Not super strict but don’t stretch too far.

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If our proposal has changed after receiving feedback on the RFC, should we edit the RFC? Some of the questions in the proposal state that their answer “Must be consistent with RFC” - so I’m wondering whether what I’ve posted in the RFC is now binding or whether it should be edited to be consistent with the proposal.


Yes edit the original RFC

My understanding is I need a partner by April 12th. Any suggestions as to how to find a partner? Appreciate any tips.

I am looking for a smart contract developer.

I am a paralegal/law student/researcher. I have been studying digital assets and death
since 2016. About you: This project needs a smart contract developer with the curiosity of a five year old and a passion for structured disruption to solve a universal problem.

BestowIt – Ultimate Asset Distribution - Can a Smart Contract Replace a Paper Will? - SoP 2024 RFC - Summer of Protocols

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Application Google Form - was having issues submitting my personal statement. I got a repeat error message that my response was not 1000 characters or less but it was. I removed a link and then it submit fine so not sure if having links was the issue? I’ve now submitted my application but just flagging here if others have issues.

Has there been any announcements on who are the PIG grant recipients?

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