SoP 2024 PIG and PILL RFC Templates + Instructions

This is the place for applicants to post RFCs.

Please see the Summer of Protocols 2024 Call for Applications before posting an RFC (Request for Comments) in this category.

Whether you are applying for a PIG grant or PILL grant, you must post an RFC in this forum category, as well as submit an application form, both by April 12, 2024. This category is ONLY for RFCs. You can post any questions about the RFC formats as replies to this topic. Post any general questions about the program in the General category.


If you are applying to the Protocol Improvement Grants (PIG) track of SoP 2024 please post a 500 word RFC (Request for Comments) as a NEW Topic (not as a reply to this one), and add the “PIG” tag to it. Your RFC must include the following sections (but can include other points too).

  1. Title (same as in your application form)
  2. Team member names
  3. Note inviting collaborators if you’re looking for your second team-member
  4. Short summary of your improvement idea
  5. Answers to the following questions. Please structure the body in explicit Q&A form.
    1. What is the existing target protocol you are hoping to improve or enhance? Eg: hand-washing, traffic system, connector standards, carbon trading.
    2. What is the core idea or insight about potential improvement you want to pursue?
    3. What is your discovery methodology for investigating the current state of the target protocol? Eg: field observation, expert interviews, historical data analysis, failure event analysis
    4. In what form will you prototype your improvement idea? Eg: Code, reference design implementation, draft proposal shared with experts for feedback, A/B test of ideas with a test audience, prototype hardware, etc.
    5. How will you field-test your improvement idea? Eg: run a restricted pilot at an event, simulation, workshop, etc.
    6. Who will be able to judge the quality of your output? Ideally name a few suitable judges.
    7. How will you publish and evangelize your improvement idea? Eg: Submit proposal to a standards body, publish open-source code, produce and release a software development kit etc.
    8. What is the success vision for your idea?

Protocol PILL RFC

If you’re applying to the Protocol PILL Challenge (Pill Incepting Lore and Literacy) track of SoP 2024, please post a 100 word high-concept pitch with the premise of your PILL idea (but avoid spoilers of course), similar to how you might elevator-pitch the story idea to a TV show producer. Feel free to include requests for specific feedback to help you refine your idea. Post as a new Topic and add the “PILL” tag to your RFC.


My collaborator and I are preparing to submit an RFC but we have more than one improvement idea that we are interested in. Would it be ok to submit more than one RFC as a team?

You can if you really can’t pick one, but I suggest avoiding it and doubling down on whatever you feel is the stronger idea

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I would strongly recommend people who are applying alone and seeking-teammate to check out the “introductions” channels of these watering holes where plenty of smart, intellectual-goals-aligned technologists both technical- and non- hang out productively:


help~ I can not update my PIG RFC and the current version also looks garbled.

Took a look at your RFC post and it seems like this got resolved - if not, let me know