Suggestion thread for PILL and PIG topics

If you’re interested in the program as a supporter/watcher and have ideas for good proposals that others might be able to pick up and run with, please make brief suggestions here. We’re especially looking for good PILL ideas, since these are easier for a single person to pick up and run with. Post as replies to this topic in the following format:

“PILL suggestion: Make a Top 100 list of protocol fiction works. Suitable for someone who has read SoP1 research and also reads a lot of fiction.”

“PIG suggestion: Create and code a set of design patterns to support open-source project maintainers, using the Ethereum Protocol Guild as a prototype. Suitable for a team comprising an open-source ecosystem veteran and a smart contract developer”

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PILL suggestion: meme format for protocol fiction situations cf

PILL suggestion: fake (and non-malevolent) adverts of some protocolic product or service

  1. Reforming passive investing (which has grown too large)

Passive investing, which I’d simply define as investment strategies and products which require the explicit assumption that other active participants have done work to fundamentally value an investment, U.S. AUM of passive funds recently exceeded active.

More assets being passively managed than actively managed calls into question the assumption of these strategies being able to reasonably rely on other participants’ active management. Two reasons passive has become so large are (1) simple pro-cyclicality and (2) importantly, policy support at the U.S. Federal level

A good PIG would probably focus on how to shift the system back into balance. The symptoms of this imbalance are misallocation of capital (contributes to inflation) and financial stability concerns.

  1. LLMs and intellectual property

There is sizable crop of lawsuits making their way through U.S. Federal and EU courts at the moment, mostly at issue are IP and copyright claims.

A decent PIG would manage the dilemma of allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of knowledge work via LLMs vs. those who contributed the raw material. The cases’ PACER dockets, specifically the prayers for relief and other commentary by litigants or intervenors/amicae/etc, could provide material; there are also plenty of political economy frameworks recently proposed by various academics and public intellectuals which may be relevant.


Do not expect to not have the time for these, but feel free to message me about either

Finance-focused PIG suggestions…

WhiteRock: An Open Capital Pooling and Investment Protocol for Satisfactory Returns (Which May Also Kill Financial Markets). I thought about this a while back after learning about the machinations of BlackRock (e.g. this YouTube vid). TL;DR? A way for the excess capital of normal people and non-retail investors to be systematically gathered and coordinated in pursuit of satisfactory return and pitched as a bulwark against the high power, institutionalised asset managers and players.

Interplanetary Financial System: A Plausible Protocol for Multi-Planet Financial Markets. Pretty self-explanatory. Say we colonise Mars; how do its financial markets emerge and how do they inter-(intra?)act with those of Mother Earth?