Remix the System: IP Rights in the Age of Collaborative Media

Team member names.

Ting (Farcaster, X)
Nate (Farcaster, X)

Short Summary of Improvement Idea:

We aim to explore the dynamics of co-creating IP, within the domains of writing, podcasts, and video. Our objective is to develop a system, using web3 tools and protocols, that facilitates collaborative creation and shared ownership of creative works, enabling creators to effectively partner and co-create value.

Q1: What is the existing target protocol you are hoping to improve or enhance?

  • Answer: Creator IP Management in the realms of writing, podcasts, and video.

Q2: What is the core idea or insight about potential improvement you want to pursue?

  • Answer: Existing IP management systems are often cumbersome and lack transparency, particularly when it comes to multi-contributor works in written, audio, and visual formats. We aim to introduce a system that streamlines this process, promoting a culture of shared ownership and collaborative creation.

Q3: How will you explore the current state of IP creation and sharing in these fields?

  • Answer: We plan to conduct a series of interviews with creators in these domains, complemented by an analysis of successful collaborative projects, to understand current practices and identify areas for improvement. We will supplement these interviews with surveys and data analytics, when appropriate.

Q4: In what form will you prototype your improvement idea?

  • Answer: We will develop a web-based application, built on an open protocol, that allows creators in writing, podcasts, and video to collaborate, co-publish, and manage their IP collaboratively, facilitating partnerships and shared ventures.

Q5: How will you field-test your improvement idea?

  • Answer: Our field test will involve partnering with a web3 community to pilot the platform, enabling creators to use it for collaborative projects and shared IP management. The ideal community would already have an active creator community, with a culture of collaboration and sharing, but without a system in place for facilitating shared projects.

Q6: Who will be able to judge the quality of your output?

  • Answer: The quality of our output would be best judged by experts and practitioners familiar with the intricacies of Web3 creation, collaboration, and IP management, including:

  • Platform and Community Builders:

    • Yancey Strickler (Metalabel - mixed media)
    • Justin and J.P. Alanís (Founders of StoryDAO)
    • Michael Ma and Jonathan Wald (founders of CreatorDAO)
    • David Greenstein and André Allen Anjos (cofounders
    • Matthew Chaim (founder of SongCamp)
  • Content and Narrative Experts:

    • Simon de la Rouviere (chief storyteller & founder of Untitled Frontier)
    • Mengyao Han and Sammi Wei (T2 - writing)

Q7: How will you share and promote your improvement idea?

  • Answer: We will engage with communities and networks related to art, music, and media creation, demonstrating the benefits of our platform and encouraging its adoption for collaborative projects.

Q8: What is the success vision for your idea?

  • Answer: Success will be measured by the adoption and usage of our web-app among creators, leading to an increase in collaborative projects and shared IP ownership.

Out of curiosity, what are the current practices in terms of IP management for writing, podcasts and videos? Q2 refers to systems, and wondering if they are already somewhat formalised (perhaps a de factor standard?)

By the way, this book may have some practical ideas from the startup world. I like the “grunt work” approach and team-wide approach at allocating “merit”: Slicing Pie - Funding Your Business Without Funds by Mike Moyer | Goodreads