Protocol vacations

As the world gets more protocolized, you often start prioritizing the protocol experience over the purpose. For example, splurging to fly business class or premium economy on personal trips over going to a new place. Or checking out the Starbucks in a new city rather than sampling local coffee culture. Or signing up for things like Global Entry.

I’m definitely in this category. I’m a bit jaded on new experiences and it rarely seems worth the trouble. But premium versions of protocols where I’d otherwise suffer the bad genpop version? Yes please! Using Apple Pay in weird foreign city where my physical credit cards are hit or miss? Yes please. Fully organized tour party? Yep.

The beaten path is underrated and going off the beaten path is overrated.


I dunno man, this sounds like a classic case of getting older and richer, not much to do with protocols. But I guess you can see all things through new lenses.