Some Protocol Studies Concepts

Some key (imo) protocol studies concepts, summed up. Mostly inspired by last summer’s research. These are really helping me frame my thinking these days. It’s not a MECE list yet (Missing some things like hardness, memory, standardization). They need some refinement and fine tuning, but are working well so far:

  1. Protocols need people
  2. Protocols are one part procedure, one part rules
  3. Protocols don’t live forever
  4. Protocols can calm hierarchical conflict by signal boosting
  5. Vibes become protocols; protocols become architecture
  6. The road to Hell is paved with well-intentioned protocols
  7. Protocols stack
  8. Protocol studies has something to do with game theory
  9. Protocols set new, invisible floors
  10. Protocolization might have diminishing returns
  11. Protocols conserve the momentum of History

This is nice. Could build into something resembling the 12 rules of systems or how complex systems fail type list.

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