Key Protocols Minisite PILL

Project Summary

I’m creating a mini-site to host concise overviews of a curated selection of protocols. Here is my original proposal. The goal is to provide a starting point for those interested in building an intuition for what a protocol is, how to recognize them, and the implications of their designs.

I’ve been thinking about the site as a short playlist of protocols. A good way to explain a genre of music to someone is to send them a playlist with key tracks and artists that represent the genre and have shaped its development. Similarly, the protocols we include here will illustrate key dimensions and taxonomies within the study of protocols. It’s an introductory resource, not a comprehensive wiki or index.

Please don’t hesitate to share your questions, thoughts and feedback.

Open questions:

  1. Which protocols should be included?
  2. How many protocols should be included?
  3. Are there useful negative examples? These could include things that nearly qualify as protocols but don’t quite meet the criteria.
  4. How should the content of the entries be structured?
  5. What would be a good name for this site?

About me:

I’m a graphic and product designer based in New York. I’m interested in how interfaces and platforms shape the creation and spread of ideas, information, and culture, and how they could be improved to benefit humanity. If you or someone you know is working on or thinking about something similar, please reach out!



looked at tv tropes and i think what kept me there were the Video Examples