PILL: Protocol Perfume

Dirt just released (and sold out) our first bespoke perfume with UFO Parfums, a music-inspired, environmental, gender-spectral perfume brand in Los Angeles. This perfume was inspired by the no-operation function in code aka NOP. Software engineers use these instructions to provide safety and balance without impacting the underlying memory––thus, the concept of our perfume, NOP, is that it generates no new memories.

I am seeking funding to create a sampling of perfumes inspired by protocols. What does mapping smell like? What does keeping time smell like? What does the art market smell like?

Which protocol would you most want to smell? Let me know below! :slight_smile:


What does ETH smell like? This is so cool!

Eau de Ethereum [I know it smell crazy in there]

Smells like governance.

Hope you’ve seen PERFUME AREA !
Amazing how poetic perfume gets, quickly.

ETH smells like your grandparent’s house. SOL smells like a mid-tier NYC club. Base smells like a frat basement.

we’re going to find out…

what does binance smell like?

I would love to know what governance smells like

so cool thank you for sharing…do you have a favorite perfume concept?