PILL: Invisible Nightlife - After Calvino

Dirt previously collaborated with Elsewhere, a club venue in Brooklyn, on a zine called The Nightlife Review which curated stories and ephemera about nightlife. We are in the midst of a second edition with Zora––an audio edition that will create mintable (NFT) sound postcards of nightlife in five different cities around the world: Saigon, New York, LA, Aba (Nigeria), and Buenos Aires.

For our third edition, I propose a collection of speculative short stories about the secret nightlife of protocols. This would be in the style of Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities,” imagining what happens when a protocol comes to life after dark.

Some protocols/environments that I think would work well for this: An air traffic control station, Line dancing choreography, the changing of the guards on a night watch, a soliloquy between Guido van Rossum and the earliest version of Python


I really like this idea, though I think perhaps getting more specific with the protocols you’ll be discussing would add a lot.

That’s very interesting. We’ve also been operating an electronic music label recently.

Thank you! I will update with more examples.

That’s great, where can I see your work?


I like the protocols you’ve picked!

Going to plug the PIG grant my friend and I submitted :zap: