PILL:Bridge of Protocol 🌈 Gender Horizons Interactive Game


In today’s internet age, gender issues often spark intense debates and conflicts. People of different genders often find it difficult to harmoniously coexist, especially those considered to be in “advantaged” gender groups. This situation is particularly pronounced in the online space, leading to many conflicts and unnecessary opposition.

:space_invader:【What We Aim to Do】

Our goal is to create a set of interactive cards that illustrate the cognitive differences between various gender groups. These cards will help individuals become aware of these differences, delve into their underlying causes, and foster mutual understanding and respect among different gender groups. By facilitating ongoing dialogue in a harmonious and rhythmic environment, the cards will enable continuous conversations.

:handshake:【Protocol Challenge: A Paradigm-Shift in Thinking】

Our card project aims to challenge existing gender cognitive protocols and explore new boundaries in gender communication. Similar to how certain protocols need to be followed during the dating process, we hope to break traditional thinking patterns through this card design, helping people become aware of the cognitive differences between different gender groups and exploring the underlying causes of these differences.

:arrows_counterclockwise:【Innovative Protocols: Evolution and Improvement】

Unlike traditional gender communication models, our project encourages participants to think about how to improve and innovate existing protocols. Through continuous dialogue and practice, we will explore new protocol methods and mediums to better facilitate gender communication and understanding. We look forward to the continuous expansion of ideas and discussions, building a broader bridge for gender equality and understanding.

:woman::mortar_board:【Integration of Practice and Academia: Exploring New Research Space】

After the project is completed, we will continue to invite more people to participate in card games and discuss the impact and mechanisms of protocols in an academic manner. This integrated approach of practice and academia will open up new avenues for gender communication research.


A set of open-source cards (including electronic and physical versions) + a game interactive protocol manual + a series of videos and podcasts for different gender groups to participate in and share.


Feel free to share any suggestions and ideas with us!

If anyone is interested in participating in the experience after the card design is completed, you’re also welcome to leave a message~