[PILL] Meme-ingful Insights: Rethink Modern Protocols

Based on my experience as a meme enthusiast and talk show performer, I plan to create a series of jokes, likely in the form of a meme campaign. I believe that humor and memes hold great potential to express our ability and need to improve, develop, and adjust existing protocols by observing, mocking, and exposing them. Drawing from people’s life experiences, I will examine management, organization, governance, and public policy protocols related to public topics, especially on rare and unexpected events such as COVID-19.

The pandemic challenged numerous international, national, and institutional protocols, revealing that many were not as effective as anticipated. For instance, inconsistencies in public health information transmission among countries and organizations, inadequacies of remote work and education protocols, and the balance between privacy and tracking technology. Similarly, the AI revolution further challenges existing protocols, which I will explore humorously through jokes and memes.

In short, get ready to laugh and think as we poke fun at the serious stuff!