1:1 Office Hours for Application Feedback (CLOSED)

Hi @Venkat, @timbeiko,

We have the following questions about our RFC (RelicRouter: An SDK for Cozy Web Virality)

  1. Scope: is our proposal too broad or too focused? Did we get the granularity of the problem space—and consequently the solution protocol—right?

  2. Web2 vs web3: aside from the success vision section, the RFC doesn’t especially align to web2 vs web3; should we target web3 use cases and prototyping more strongly? (And if so, would you like to see any particular success vision use case/outcome focused on?)

  3. Evangelisation and judging: do you have any suggestions for better evangelisation and output judging methods? We feel this is the weakest part of the current RFC.

Appreciate any insight you could offer :pray:

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