Yancey Strickler - When the Means Justify the Ends | 2/14

Protocol Town Hall on February 14th at 1PM EST
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When the Means Justify the Ends

Yancey Strickler, cofounder of Metalabel and Kickstarter, explores the tensions between technological and social determinism, especially as they relate to blockchains. What happens when the technology itself is the focus rather than the end experience it’s meant to enable? This talk dives into what happens when the means justify the ends.

Pre-Talk Reading list

Culture Labels V1 (Google Doc)

Royal Society history

Introducing Metalabel

Climbing out of the rabbit hole (Google Doc)


Books mentioned by Yancey


What I like about “labels” and “metalabels” frame is that it is a positive definition of a post-monetary idea rather than just “post-monetary” as an end in itself (which is a “means > ends” frame appropriately enough)

Extremely half-baked but: Is there a connection between this prevalent “means justify the ends” problem and the idea that we’re at the end of history?

With no articulable alternative to the present political economic model, maybe people hyper fixate on a given means in the hope that it will naturally take us to utopia. End of history = Cambrian explosion of cargo cults

Self shilling a couple of relevant old blog posts of mine

In biology, this ratio sets limits on the max size of individual cells:

heh in my latest newsletter, I use this idea extensively to argue for an alt vision of how to scale AI (tldr – using cellular “agent” architectures that respect volume/surface ratio constraints

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Great session!
Lots to continue exploring and a ton of food for thought!

Wonder how to best navigate the Web3 bubble interface with the rest of the worlds bubbles and how to foster, monitor and interact with the intersections (sub bubbles?) formation (Venn diagrams?). It seems there will inevitably be immune responses from the status quo…
Maybe METALABEL is a great place to explore these intersections…

Thanks all