Benjamin Funk - Crypto-Powered Information Games | 6/17

Throughout history, human advancement has often hinged on breakthroughs in ‘coordination technology.’ Many of us dedicated to blockchains and cryptography are inspired to contribute to what we believe will be a transformative milestone in the evolution of this type of technology.

While uncensorable money and decentralized financial applications demonstrate our progress towards these ends, we’ve dedicated less time to creating tools that improve how we coordinate the production and monetization of information more generally. Yet, some of the biggest coordination failures we struggle with today - from surveillance capitalism to misinformation - center around how we source, aggregate, apply, and monetize information across its value chains. Our industry has the potential to accelerate the quantity, quality, and sovereignty over
the information available to us, increasing our ability to make good decisions.

In this presentation, we will explore how we can leverage blockchains and cryptography towards this end. To demonstrate this, I will speculate on the potential products and business models that could lead to these better outcomes for humanity, and attempt to bring these theoretical ideas within further reach.

Pre-Talk Reading: Crypto-Powered Information Games — Archetype
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