SoP Writer's Room

I would love to start a writing group for SoP 24 researchers working on a short story.

I am not sure how many of us there are, but the ideal size for this group would be 4-6 people. If there are more perhaps we can split up.

I participated in one of these while writing a previous story and found it invaluable.

The basic idea is we form a group, make a commitment to each other to meet regularly to review and discuss each others writing. Typically we would share our work and read and provide feedback on others work prior to the meeting. Then use the meeting to discuss. Although, all these details would need to be worked out by whoever is in the group.

I personally like the idea of a biweekly call for an hour.
Here is a great like on starting a writing group - A Practical Guide to Starting a Group of Your Own | Poets & Writers

Also, this is an excellent write up on how to provide useful, constructive feedback when reviewing someone elses work - Help Build! - Google Docs

Anyone interested?


Yeah – would love to. I just finished the rough version of my first draft and would love to start sharing as I revise. I think @randylubin is also doing a short story.

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Count me in! I’m San Francisco based and pretty flexible most days from 10am-5pm PT.

has this been happening? I would like to be part of it if so

Not yet, we need to pick a time. I was going to raise it in tomorrows call, to see if we had any other takers.

I think a group of 4 is the sweet spot though.

How about Wednesdays after the SoP calls we all catch up?

Actually I have just seen the time change for tomorrows town hall.

Why don’t we grab that free slot, 10am PST tomorrow?

ah I’m likely traveling at that time tomorrow, but can do later, such as 2PST, if not I shall join the next one

Apologies, I have not been great at organising this. Feels like we have a decent group of 4 now though.

I have put together a doodle poll for next week. Either Wednesday of Thursday. Hopefully we can find a time that works for all.

If we can, I would suggest submitting a draft that you want feedback ideally by Friday. If that doesn’t sound feasible, we could push to Monday. But we want to give everyone enough time to read and review the text.

In the past I like submitting a draft in google doc, ideally with a brief paragraph outlining some areas you want feedback or questions you wouldlike the reader to consider. Then reviewers, would each copy the google doc and add comments to the text plus write up a few paragraphs of thoughts on the text. Then share the reviewed google doc ideally the night before we decide to have our meeting.

How does that sound? Happy to work by a different format. Do people think they will have something to share by Friday? It doesn’t have to be perfect, or complete. As long as there is something you think we can help you with.

Maybe also we create a telegram group or email thread or something?

Let me know,