“Protocols” in Doctor Who and Star Trek

A particular bunnytrail that interests me. There are 72 instances of the word ‘protocol’ in Doctor Who. Of these only 2 are in the classic series (695 episodes) and 70 are in the modern series (180 episodes). So an incidence increase from 0.3% to 39% (modulo somewhat longer modern episodes and multiple uses in some episodes).

There’s a nice search engine that searches a Doctor Who script site.

The site also has a Star Trek search. 325 occurrences across all series. TOS has NO uses, and of the new ones, Voyager has the most uses (176). TNG is 33, DS9 is 47, ENT is 60.

Not surprisingly, Voyager is my favorite series! Nice sign that my unconscious tastes match my conscious interests,

Nice finding here that at least television science fiction has gotten way more protocolized. Indirect evidence that perhaps the world has too?

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The general background of usage trend is clear from bgoogle ngram viewer (trends is useless since it is post 2004). 90s-2000 peak is internet. Slight uptick since 2017 is crypto. 1960s-90 ramp is Cold War era steady increase due to globalization, international institutions etc.

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