Protocols and AI agent workflows

This issue of The Batch commented on AI agent workflows as driving AI progress, perhaps more so than next-gen foundation models.

The newsletter mentioned some AI agent workflow patterns, improving upon zero-shot (non-)workflows when dealing with llms:

Reflection: The LLM examines its own work to come up with ways to improve it.

Tool use: The LLM is given tools such as web search, code execution, or any other function to help it gather information, take action, or process data.

Planning: The LLM comes up with, and executes, a multistep plan to achieve a goal (for example, writing an outline for an essay, then doing online research, then writing a draft, and so on).

Multi-agent collaboration: More than one AI agent work together, splitting up tasks and discussing and debating ideas, to come up with better solutions than a single agent would.

My observation is that these AI agent patterns often originated from human agent workflows and patterns. I’m thinking of a spectrum of specificity:

Heuristics … Patterns … Protocols … Workflows … Optimizations (and more local stuff)

Also thinking about where will devs find out about all these stuff:

Regulations … Standards … Platforms … Conferences … Chats (and more private stuff)

How might protocols inform upon the creation and proliferation of AI agent workflows?

They’ll start out human inspired but no reason to stay that way…?

The bottleneck in evolved protocols though is creating enough pooled data to learn from. Like two small groups speaking different languages encountering each other and creating a pidgin that evolves into a proper creole.

Creolization is protocolization

This piece made me think of adding grammars to your list

yea i think we’d want some diverse means of thinking about this :melting_face:

maybe agents can start with grammar or other humanly structural means, pool data with some version of reality (reality as language 2), then create pidgins that creolize.

btw I’m checking Ambient Findability [Book] to see if anything related comes up