PILL pitch: "The Mycomancers" Webcomic

This webcomic explores the possibility of mimicking natural phenomena to create a decentralized governance protocol. It follows the journey of a galactic archeology team who discovers the ancient remnants of a highly advanced alien civilization. This civilization left their planet a long time ago, but they left behind records and other information regarding how their society was designed.

The aliens in question were known to worship deities resembling fungus, a common form of life on their planet, and devised a governance protocol that resembled the structure and function of a mycorrhizal network. Participants in the governance protocol would act as nodes, similar to plants and fungi. Each node represented an entity or individual within the ecosystem. Just as mycorrhizal networks facilitate the exchange of nutrients between nodes, the governance protocol also enabled the exchange of resources and financial assets among participants.

This webcomic basically explores the possibility of using fungal networks as a blueprint for governance and financial infrastructure protocols and how such a system would be designed.