Narratives of Bioregional Governance

A comic on bioregional protocol governance. There would be 3 interwoven stories: the past, present & future. The present narrates the ongoing implementation of protocolized bioregional governance, the past traces some of the enabling protocol development and the future’s a speculative story about the world it could create. The stories would be developed based on interviews with key participants in the bioregional protocols movement. Using @davidtlang 's protocol history of CubeSat and a heavy dose of AI, I’ve created a sample to illustrate my idea. In the final version, each paragraph would have an AI-generated image to go with it, and it would be styled as a comic book.


Cool idea! Visual storytelling for a protocol around bioregionalism is key to conveying these concepts to a broader audience. Would love to explore collaboration with you. Check out our PIG, very relevant :slight_smile:

ReCommon: Adaptive Bioregional Governance & Regenerative Communities

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Your pitch could mention specific regions and biological organisms/habitats which you’re interested in; a lot of the successful environmental narratives which I see tend to get into those kinds of specifics. Also, do you have a specific critical reason for wanting to use AI for your writing and illustrations which you can more specifically delineate? I wonder if you even need those trappings of stories/visuals; just the interviews you are proposing to do seem like they might be more interesting and useful to readers since they’d be considered a more trustworthy kind of information and likely associated with having more substance. I’m guessing that a quality set of interviews on its own could likely be enough for a pill project, and you’d be less likely to potentially over-extend its scope.

If you haven’t seen the Gilman/Blake SoP talk yet, it mentions using satellites to collect planetary information; that might be worth referencing in some way.

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