Investigating Protocols: Object, Mediator, Forum

This curating project seeks to understand and explain the protocol from the medium perspective, to reveal the relationship that protocol is creating with the world.

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It is hard to understand “protocol” by itself. However, if we try to make analogies to protocols we have had throughout the Anthropocene, understanding the intertwinement of protocols in the history, we may understand the “protocol” as a digital decision better. We have created numerous protocols, such as law, infrastructures, transport systems, education system,

By tracing to the protocols that existed and have been existing, we try to break this seemingly complex technological notion into different perspectives: Object(the content of protocol, its carrier, its way of presentation, its material) – Mediator (who create or present the protocol) – Forum(where does the protocol present to, e.g. in speech, courtroom, online forum…)

Case studying the protocols and making into an public exhibition and publication will be the chance to understand “protocol” together with public.

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