Galerie Yeche Lange

Galerie Yeche Lange is a curated platform for NFTs launching it’s New York exhibition space in May of 2024.

We launched Galerie Yeche Lange in May of 2022 after conceptualizing and building the project for nine months. The gallery has had debuted projects in many formats including a 3D environment built for our exhibition School of Truth that included proximity chat, embodied avatars, and a complex implementation of an auction protocol on ETH mainnet.

This month we hosted our first physical event in New York at the art critic Dean Kissick’s new library space EARTH, a tournament for NFT artist Supermetal Bosch’s physical board game Super Metal Mons.

In May of 2024 we will open our first permanent permanent physical gallery in New York at 11 Broadway infront of the infamous Wall Street Bull statue.

We remain committed to our mission of articulating and defining the future of the art world in it’s digital form to the traditional New York and European art world while creating an effective bridge between these worlds that truly speaks both languages.

The Galerie Yeche Lange team includes Jared Madere, Miles Peyton, Wretched Worm, Supermetal Bosch, and Anastasios Karnazes.

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