Turning city streets into racing circuits

Found this post about turning city streets into F1 circuits interesting. Feels like there is a protocol there on how to turn the protocol of the city grid into something suitable for racing cars. This paragraph about Singapore racing circuit stood out:

“In Singapore, you can just lift everything — there is not a single nail put down,” said Jarno Zaffelli, the lead track designer of the upcoming 2026 Spanish Grand Prix in Madrid. “I don’t know if this is the case of other street circuits, but in Singapore, as soon as the race is finished, five hours later, everything is open.”


The hard constraints of transportation infrastructure force the creation of some really interesting workarounds. Like how self-driving cars are a more feasible solution than highspeed rail, in large part because your “track” is already built

In Montreal we’ve got a F1 track that makes for a great cycling road in the summer! So that one isn’t on the level of Singapore, but I’m good with it