Self-sovereign identity protocols

Continuing the discussion from Requesting expanded reasoning for Domains:

Maybe it’s considered a subset/superset of Domains (2) and (3) in the Summer of Protocols 2024, but I’m very surprised to not find a clearer call to action for identity in this initiative.

Self-sovereign identity has yet to properly materialize, yet it is at the root of so many of our digital communication woes.

Federated(++) protocols like ATproto, ActivityPub and Matrix all depend on a form of decentralized identity in order to adequately support account portability and server agnosticism as prerequisites for credible exit.


So far only ATproto/Bluesky has a working implementation, though they haven’t yet figured out how to truly decentralize it:


The Path to Decentralized Identity in ActivityPub is quite clear, but there’s still a lack of a concerted effort to get there:


The how is well on its way to being completed already:

But the Matrix team has had to downsize, leaving this development hanging indefinitely. That is in spite of an obvious need for portable identity to solve fundamental UX issues in the Matrix experience.

I’ve encouraged the drafter(s) of this MSC (Matrix-speak for RFC) to consider applying for your grant.