ActivityPub/AT Proto Bridge War in Dark Forest

So somebody made a bridge between AP (fediverse protocol) and AT (Bluesky protocol). And AP people are predictably mad about it. Specifically they don’t like that the bridge is default allow vs default deny; ie they have to affirmatively opt out of being able to be followed on bluesky and they want the reverse. Correct me if I’m wrong,

Seems a bit snowflakey but I can kinda see it fits with fediverse culture and their whole model for human-curated federation and code-of-conduct gatekeeping. Within fediverse iiuc they allow federation by default unless defederated by exception but they treat outside world as bad by default. Dark Forest axiom. Maybe someone who uses fediverse more can weigh in. There also seems to be some strange stances on copyright and DMCA mixed in.

But overall, I think federation rights handshakes are not a bad idea. It’s like a robots.txt file for protocol bots. Maybe we can make up a protocol-droids.txt or c3po.txt convention. As I understand it, the bridge author tried to do this with hashtags in profile.

Overall I’m sympathetic to dark forest defaults. Makes the world feel more excitingly cypherpunk and hard to discover. Not the reason AP people have but it’s my reason.