Punk'd protocols

Rough draft exploring potential punk countercultures based on degree of protocol flexibility and cultural adaptability:

By focusing on the creative potential of errors, malfunctions, and system failures, glitch punks explore the unintended consequences and transformative possibilities that emerge from technological breakdowns.

Inspired by Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”, chronopunk challenges conventional notions of linear time and progress. Chrono punks explore subjective, non-linear experiences of temporality, sometimes seeking to disrupt the relentless march of progress.

Focus on using maps and counter-mapping practices to subvert dominant power structures and narratives. Cartographic punks leverage the representational power of maps to challenge established norms and boundaries.

Protocol punks are the archaeologists, excavating the foundational layers of protocols and systems. They seek to uncover the philosophical, sociological, and technological principles that underlie the development of new infrastructures. Through reverse-engineering and experimental design, protocol punks create protocols that challenge the assumptions and biases embedded in existing ones.


I’d make y axis weak to strong. Bottom left = weak_flexible. Feels oddly oriented otherwise.

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I agree the suggested reorientation improves things. Here’s an updated version incorporating your feedback.

I’d appreciate and welcome any additional comments, suggestions, or criticisms anyone may have.