Protocols for apology/ forgiveness

I’d like to do a zine & 15 min video presentation examining protocols for apologies and forgiveness in the context of digital, searchable records and permanent “shared” memories. The “kafka protocol” here is generally some version of cancel-culture. What is a better protocol for a group or individual to express regret, seek reconciliation and continue a collaborative and productive relationship within a group? Zine & presentation would include

  • Apology Map
  • Summaries of sociology research Mea Culpa, Apologies of the Rich & Famous, maybe even a chat with Dr. Karen Cerulo, sociologist/ researcher.
  • Mini stories/ vignettes revisiting famous/ infamous real examples in recent history. Perhaps would be interesting to pick an example from a least 3 different countries and compare how protocols were similar/ different depending on the context.

Note: originally I thought of this as an immersive art experience, where every room is a different “type” of apology (institutional apology, intergenerational apology, me-too apology, preemptive apology, confession, etc, etc). I thought about this in the context of cancel culture and digital searchable records - so basically there is a longer database of things people could potentially apologize for and outdated social norms for how to resolve those “infractions.”