Protocol MacGuffin

A MacGuffin in storytelling is:

a term used in storytelling, particularly in films and literature, to describe an object, event, or character that serves as a trigger for the plot. Despite its importance in driving the story forward, the specific nature or details of the MacGuffin are often insignificant to the overall narrative.

For eg: In Pulp Fiction, the glowing briefcase is a classic MacGuffin. We are never shown the contents of the case but it drives the action of a lot of the characters

Bad/illegible protocols always have MacGuffins - some unspecified ideal or goal that they try to achieve or live up to.

For example a lot of Blockchain projects use the idea of “community” as a MacGuffin to drive their identity and adoption. I think in a lot of cases it is used either obscure what the actual protocol is or as substitute for a technical explanation

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Since we’re bringing up fiction, thought back to that ‘protocol’ supercut – doesn’t that usage kind of make a MacGuffin out of protocols themselves, hand-waving away some narrative causality? Or does a bad MacGuffin protocol have a MacGuffin goal, and it’s turtle-cols all the way down…

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