[PILL] The Museum is as Muse, on earth, as it is in heaven?

We need to reconstruct museums now. Because we want to appreciate artefacts in full accessibility across screens (media). We need to build new protocol environment for entities to share knowledge and creations.

We learn our cultures and pass on the civilisation via historical objects. Now how can we connect between the physical and virtual spheres? And collect, study, preserve for future? Concerning the restricted fact of open data access to objects, we are more than worried about whether they conserved well or being stolen, moreover our creative creation and entertainment activities (memes, derivatives) on clouds are also confined. But those objects are not solely owned by museums, yet the public, the human beings. Museum has originally been built as the knowledge node for civic order. The dataset collecting, studying and preserving around art works is precious for creative commons, and for shaping the digital community order.

What kind of the Temple the museum could be in Web3? The encounter of an artefact in a museum space when an individual walking into and standing face to face, is a transcendent moment. How can we copy and build such an equivalent experience for digital curations? To further examine and thought experiment on this, we come to reevaluate the cultural data ownership and transmission pathways, and reimagine the museum-visitor relationship, the thought machine’s infrastructure and stakeholders.

I propose a speculative network in visualisation or concept map for a museumified institution in the decentralised creative data exchange system, and a digital entity of the physical museum and several diversified collaborative entities that bridge the warps between reality and virtuality, the visionary and practicality.

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