PILL: interactive memory game

this idea manifests from a few different pieces of media: a quote from john green’s the fault in our stars where augusutus mentions that we as humans are a race that is terrible at memorializing people (we remember only famous people), death stranding’s system called the Chiral network that allows users to place waypoints and systems for other players without interactions, the project called this website will self destruct and the queering the map project. i’ve made a past project called Q&A which is a social experiemnt in which users are tasked with responding to each other’s questions on the internet.

I want to make a web art/ game that deals with people’s memories. Maybe it takes the shape as a map where people can leave their memories or words that they want associated with and it expands on the queering the map idea. maybe it’s about physical goods that were meaningful. I want there to be a collection on there somehow that is accumulated.

I then want to flip the idea of a functional / technical protocol by asking the user to remember 3 items / scenes in order to place something down. In it, there’s an exchange of knowledge, an asking to name something as an act of love and care. There is so much data out there in the world that gets lost, how does this practice make us remember with intention, and with care, especially for those around us that we don’t know. The user themself is the response body. they themselves need to carry that around with them, just as we carry our memories of others around us.