PILL : CoinFlip Protocol:50% winning chance in a duel, for every one

I want to start a list of SCP-style documents and some narrative stories around a basic protocol setting:


In a world where a person can initiate a “CoinFlip duel” against anyone by invoking a special thought in mind. Once the duel is invoked, either the invoker or the challenged dies immediately. Everyone has a guaranteed 50% chance in winning a duel, in all circumstances, especially irrelevant to both sides’ physical status, wealth status and mental status.


Expected Deliverables

  • An SCP-style (https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/) protocol description document : Formally discuss the protocol setup.
  • Story Set: Couple of stories on “People living under CoinFlip Protocol documents their daily life”. This is the fun part, where you will find many real world protocols won’t be necessary under CoinFlip protocol, and many “never exist protocols” seems plausible.

Not within the PILL scope (as they are non-fiction) but I will complete them as my side project.

  • Variation Protocol: As many other protocols
  • Web3 Approximate Implementation Plan: The most interesting part is, though we can’t fully replicate the protocol in the real world, we can use Web3 as a “social experiment tool” to try out some cool experiments.

An Example Story

I put the example story in the Comment Section


Variation 4 - Story 1 : The Beggar

He knocks on my door, then threatens me. If i don’t give him a burger. He will duel me.

Apparently it’s not my first get threatened. In fact, any decent man or women has been threatened like this before. This is so common that it has become the standard of a decent person. Definition, that’s the word I’m looking for.

I thought about quitting. Lay down, sleep, like the beggars, who threatens people who do actual work everyday to get fed everyday. No joking, I gave it a serious thought, but forgot what my conclusion then was. Never mind, the point is, I really hate these beggars, even though I totally comprehend this is legit in this stupid game, under the stupid world. Quite smart, if you think about it, it’s actually a brilliant idea: no one would risk their own life just because some punk ass lazy motherfucker wants a burger. The cost and reward just don’t fit.

I got really tired. Getting food in this world is not easy. Once we got here, the production level is immediately mid-age style. I’ve done my share of mandatory charity, so I decide to do something different.

Usually I wouldn’t spare a single word with these beggars. I remember the first time I was asked, I was totally shocked. Then it was confusion, anger, the most anger I had in my life, and the inner outrage to scream out “how the fuck dare you do this to me?”. And of course I did. That day, he didn’t reply anything, he just don’t look at me, and waits, and waits, and waits.

I screamed, cursed at him… Tried pretty much every curse I learned since I was 8, not use at all. After that, I felt depressed, felt cannot do anything about it, felt want to fuck this world right here.

You would want to kill the man in front of you, but then you realize you can’t, unless you risk 50% chance of killing yourself. It’s the deepest humiliation one can get, I promise.

The funny part is, you can get used to shit like this. And gradually, you don’t start to ask questions, or curse at anybody. You either be one of them, or you either be one of my kind, do my regular job, make food for two or three people to not starve. Everyday, they come, some rookie would threaten me with a shivering voice like they never asked before, some would just raise their hands. No matter what, I give them a burger, or a pickle, or 2 piece of rabbit meat.

He threatened me, so likely this is his first couple of times doing this. I looked at him, didn’t do anything. I can tell he is not used to this yet. So I said,

“Why you do this ?” I ask. I haven’t done this for a long time as well.

He looked up, a bit surprised.

“I mean, you don’t seem comfortable with all this, why you do this ?” I continue.

He didn’t say anything. Jack looked at us for a while, then looked away. What’s happening now is a rare show in this area, where most people have survived their first year from suicide attempts or starving. This is way too drama for us now.

“Where did you came from ?” Apparently he is new here.

No answer, of course.

I am starting to feel impatient. The anger never fade away, it hid somewhere. This time it comes up with some extra curiosity, and unexpectedly, excitement.

“If you don’t say a damn word, I won’t give you anything”. I say. I can hear the shiver in my own voice.

He takes a deep breathe, then looks at my eyes. I can tell he is almost crying out. I have the feeling he is about the speak up.

“River 10 section”. He answers. River 10 section is quite far from here.

“Ok, you answered the second question, now the first.” My voice is not shivering now.

“I don’t know. Maybe I got tired.”

“Tired of what ?”

“Tired of being threatened. ”

“So you mean, you used to make your own food ?”


I asked Jack for a beer, he throw me one immediately, then got back to his wood craft. I know he is listening.

“How is it feel ?” I ask.

“You know it’s my first time doing this right ?”

“Yes. Of course I can tell.”

“It feels nothing. Like absolutely nothing”

“But your voice doesn’t seem like ‘nothing’. You were afraid right ?”

“Afraid, yes. Excitement ? Yes. Relief ? Yes. I also felt nothing” His voice calms down now.

“You don’t know what the word ‘nothing’ means ?”

“Maybe you don’t know how ‘nothing’ feels ” He says, and reached out his hand for my beer. I called Jack, then Jack throw him one.

“Now you owe me a bottle.” Jack says to him.

“Sure.” He said, and then laughs. We all laughs.

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In Austalia we have a variation of this called “Two up”.

Its only legal to be played by the public on Anzac day and can be found at most good local pubs.

A friend and I have been slowing writing a variation of this for a while. Would be happy to help out.

The randomness is guaranteed via Chainlink VRF.

Wow, that’s nice. It’s good to know this game already exists in many places~

It would be nice if we can co-create such stories~

Some thoughts About Self-Organization

  • Though initially I wrote this purely for fun, but later I find it might be good tool to study self-organization.
  • Imagine a twitter style social media app under CoinFlip-style protocol, where there is no centralized censorship.
    • However, the app’s user will have the power to decide the “vibe” of the app.
    • If extremist and felony-related crime wants to use the app, it’s the normal user’s responsibility to start duels against those accounts.
    • 1 possible outcome is that “evil users” will be eliminated.
    • The other possible outcome is what we call “Bad money drives out good”. But in the social media app context, a twitter with all “evil users” can’t cause much harm, as it won’t even reach normal good users.
  • Basically, the initial condition, initial user group ,and pure group will change the “possible outcome” drastically. It might actually turn out like a Chaos Complex system where you can’t really predict the random process for different initial states. (Think about the Butterfly Effect). But we may have some heuristic insights on the possible best practices and possible improvements.

Thoughts and Disclaimer

  • The Core Concept is : You can’t afford losing your life, so if you would risk 50% chance dying to kill the other person, it means you must have a legit reason at least from your point of view. This is also the reason why any Web3 Protocol Approximation is not likely to REALLY simulate the “HardCore” CoinFlip protocol.
  • I am strongly against applying any of these CoinFlip concepts to real life. In fact, my stories is more like Dystopia instead of Utopia. The most likely outcome of knowing anyone in the world can kill anyone as long as they would like to risk their own lives, is everyone suffering from unaffordable anxiety. I don’t like, and I don’t want to risk my own life in some “social experiment”. But for sci-fi imagination? Yeah, they are interesting.

Web3 Implementations

A weakened form would be implementing similar protocols in Web3 world and see what happens. I’ll give 2 different implementation plans. I’m not an experienced Web3 developer so if some plans are not possible, please let me know :slight_smile:

  1. Bound to Real World Identity
  • Imagine we issue an limited NFT called LIFE (let’s say 100000) to every Worldcoin address owner. Each WLD address maps to one and only one human being (by scanning iris). Also a smart contract that allows any LIFE Holder address to invoke a duel against another LIFE Holder address. The smart contract run a complex random process (likely from a specialized Oracle Machine I guess ?) → to decide which LIFE token to burn.
  • Then, we need to design incentives (A game for people to play with) so each holder can have some reason, at sometime, to actually invoke a duel. There are many possible incentive mechanism. A simple one would be, the winner will have the right to mint new LIFE nfts, and choose to sell to other WLD address. This incentive mechanism can deeply affect the final status. So be sure to have fun designing.
  1. Not-bound to Real World Identity
  • The immediate problem would be : One person can have multiple LIFE nfts (though not the same address), then it’s not a 50-50 game for each real human.
  • But we can write some Dark Stories for such scenarios. The metaphor here is : some LIFE tokens can be sacrificed or used as weapon to destroy another LIFE token. I won’t go into details at this point.
  1. A possible Self-Organized, Evolving “Twitter”
  • If each LIFE token corresponds to the right to post a thread in an app called…Let’s say Coinspeaker.
  • So how would the community vision of Coinspeaker evolve ? Of course it depends on the initial set of users. If user A reads a post that A doesn’t like or hate, A can choose risk his own account to ban the other account. In what circumstances we’d take such risk ?