PILL: Below the API

Top-level discussion topic for my short story, Below the API.

The draft is not ready for public promotion, although I expect it to be in a presentable state once I finish the initial revision this week.

I’m also planning to post some thoughts on Identity Protocols and theory of mind for AI agents, which has ended up forming the crux of my PILLing in this story. In a nutshell: autonomous agents that interact with other agents (human and external) must form an understanding of what the other agent wants to do their job effectively. The most efficient way to do this is for other agents to declare their own identity – their own likes, goals, and background. Think – the orginal About Me sections on Facbook page, but passable via some protocol.

Currently, this is a pretty light theme in the story, but I’m trying to build it up to unlock the “big reveal” – currently needs some workshopping though.

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Nice! I like the ambience so far, feeling like “light” sci-fi in the not-so-distant future. Seeing it through a timeless hobby like pottery also feels pretty good.

Also, a new chad book-boyfriend storms onto the scene:

Barry from pickleball. Barry the attainable

Any type of feedback or workshopping you’re looking for?