PILL: A Century-long Dialogue or A Historical Story of "Protocol"

If you are familiar with the history of China in the 1920s and 1930s, you might find it surprising how similar the anarchist and left-wing youth of that time were to today’s “digital nomads.” They shared the ideal of a “decentralized organization” and some other cultural psychology, such as their cosmopolitan view, preference for co-residence, tendency to disconnect from the original community, an age structure dominated by “youth,” and even their open attitude towards relationships and romance.
We want to tell a story that transcends time and space, somewhere between a historical and fictional narrative. This story will incorporate historical documents and cases, perhaps using a framework such as time travel, and include pictures, animations, and interactive elements.
Our goal is for the story to go beyond simply presenting superficial similarities and instead touch on relevant themes such as hope and disappointment, cooperation and division, reason and emotion, sublime and desire. It will delve into dreams, legends, and revolutionary romanticism, while also reflecting on practical actions related to how to live, how to exist, and how to obtain “freedom.”

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