[PIG] [Weekly Update] Autonomous Realities

Week One.

  1. What did you accomplish last week?

This week, I participated in CHI 2024 in beautiful Hawaii. I was part of a workshop titled “With or Without Permission: Site-Specific Augmented Reality for Social Justice” that aims to facilitate the design, development, and use of place-based Augmented Reality experiences supporting Social Justice efforts.

“Movements for social change are often tied a particular locale. This makes augmented reality (AR), which changes how people perceive their surroundings, a promising technology for social justice. Site-specific AR empowers activists to re-tell the story of a place, with or without permission of its owner. “

In this group of experts, who use the permissionless nature of AR to express social justice, I introduced my idea of autonomous realities to the discussion to assess the need for protocolizing their expression.

  1. What do you plan to do next week?

I intend to conduct a literature review, create a prototype, and prepare a workshop agenda. These steps will help me find a venture to discuss permissionless realities and FingerSync. However, one might question the necessity of these actions.

  1. What (if anything) is blocking your progress?

We need to reach out more experts in this domain.

  1. Fun insight/tidbit, link, or idea?

My random thoughts after discussing with the human-computer interaction community.
"Protocol is a standardized “interaction”.