PIG : Self-Sovereign Data & Semantic Matchmaking Protocol

  1. Self-Sovereign Data & Semantic Matchmaking Protocol
  2. Chong
  3. Jing
  4. A new method of matchmaking generic intent with private data
    1. Matchmaking (the method to form groups and team on certain intent)

    2. from traditionally broadcast-based, search-based to generic information & intent-based, privacy-based Matchmaking

    3. field observation

    4. A relevant social experiment with a browser extension we designed, for people to gather their trace and initialize matchmake and to be matchmade. Finally a graph based social network research of matchmaking connections.

    5. By running restricted topic matchmaking event on test communities.

    6. frankly speaking, no clue.

    7. Code will be open-sourced and we would distribute insight and blogs on observations of behaviors of PILL experiment.

    8. We believe by rebuilding the fundamental way of connection formation between people is a great step to start reform the zero-sum game like structure of the world, from emphasizing competition, to collaboration. The world lacks effective ways to intent discoveries, with our idea, we believe it would massly reduce friction by reducing discovery, communication, trust cost.

      We are also researching of how data and certainty is the new basic power and right of democracy, we have been manipulated with mass media control similarity to how ones would be enslaved via violence, like right to bear arms, we should have natural right of resistance and self-preservation, we believe that’s why we should have similar “weapon” in the current state of information society as well, to preserve us of bad-intended information manipulation.

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