PIG: Protocols for Building a Human Achievement/Reputation Network

:two_men_holding_hands: Team Members: Arvin, Jayson

:page_facing_up: Problem Areas: Protocols for Building a Human Achievement/Reputation Network

:page_facing_up: Domain: Human Valuation Approaches, Psychological Wellness

:dart: Target Protocols

We’d like to provide a different approach for everyone to record their life experiences, and transform the life experience into the valuation factor of each person, helping everyone to express their own uniqueness in the AI era, while also making a more well-rounded valuation protocol. In a time where machines can do things once thought only exclusive to humans, what sets us apart from machines are unique experiences of ours. Also, it might be safe to say that in the post-capitalism era, where the One-Dimensional individuals are unable to imagine or pursue a “qualitatively different” way of being.

We want to improve existing protocols like OpenBadges, POAP, Otterspace, WorldCoin, providing people with tools to record their life experiences, and a network to connect themselves with people who appreciate or share their experiences. We also want to provide more informal, community-driven recognition and appreciation, rather than top-down, centralized certification. People can capture their personal values in the process of “collect - share - verify” their achievements/experiences.

:writing_hand: Potential Improvement We Want to Pursue

:wave: Emphasis on Genuine Human Experiences

The protocol comes with a physical device, containing an algorithm which certifies that a person has come to a certain event, and uses his device to interact with it.

:identification_card: DID-Based

Each achievement and unique experience is securely stored and bound with the user’s decentralized identity with proof of personhood features.(World ID, .bit, etc) This will help with the protocol’s sybil-resistance and we advocate that every achievement/experience is verifiable down to a single person. This also grants data access control to every network user and theirs alone, while ensuring this system has great interoperability on the user account level.

:bar_chart: Data Network Design

To extract the greatest value from the network, we have designed an indexing method for network users to work with the data stored permanently and decentralizedly onchain. Users will be able to find people who appreciate their own experiences, or find like-minded people on this graph network

:mag: Discovery Methodologies

:mag: Historical Data Research

  • We have started researching OpenBadge’s protocol design, and its implementation status in the US’s education ground, and how well it is received from the educator/student’s perspective.

  • We conducted interviews with POAP users, trying to find a) why they chose to use POAP; b) why are they still using it/dropped using it; c) their thoughts on improving the protocol.

:boom: Observation and Experiment

  • We have partnered with many communities and event holders, from Digital Nomads’ communities, Hackerhouse holders, to offline events in Singapore and Hongkong. We have started rolling out our physical device in these locations.

  • We will see how people interact with the physical devices, and how they like to pin-point their life experiences onchain, marking their DID footprints with them.

:writing_hand: Interviews

  • We planned interviews with

    • these communities organizers and event holders, trying to find out how they could use the data gathered from the physical device to connect with the audience, and better the community or event experience they provide.

    • Community members and event audience, to see how this kind of life recording and achievement collecting is affecting their mindset of shaping themselves as a unique human being, in the AI era.

:page_facing_up: Prototype Forms

  • We have constructed a WIP dApp, a protocol and a physical device for users to collect and record their life moments.

  • Once we have our field tests, we’d like to have professional conversations with experts or on social media to verify and refine our protocols and solutions.

:page_facing_up: Field-Test Plan

We are rolling out our physical devices to the following partners, to test our protocol (Padge, Permanent Achievement Badge) and the physical device (Padger) interaction. We also planned for achievement imports from 3rd party platforms (merchants, as mentioned in the protocol design above) in 2 manners,

  • Locations and Spaces

    • Denglian Community, Hackerhouse

    • DAO Bar, regular bar

    • Multiple scenic spots in Mainland China and Hongkong

    • Blockchain Club of Shen Zhen University, club

  • Events

    • Wanxiang Blockchain Festival (Past), web3 event

    • DeAI Hackathon in Dubai, Hackathon

  • Projects using SDK

    • MoleDAO, a DAO
  • Manual Import of acheivement

    • Github

    • Steam

:adult::balance_scale: Potential Judges

  • We’d like all our partners to be our protocol’s judges, and we will do so in our planned interviews.

  • We’d like extinguished guests from Summer of Protocol to be our judges as well, for example, Li Jin, and Sunquan Huang, who are experts in the social field.

:speaking_head: How Will We Publish Our Idea

  • We are planning to release blogs detailing our thoughts on the protocol, including a more philosophical one and a more technical one.

  • Our open-sourced SDK will be available on Github.

:dark_sunglasses: Successful Vision

  • We want to build a DID-based Human Achievement Network, with Emphasis on Genuine Human Activities in mind. An open network where everyone has a human-verifiable ID, and can record human experience on it.

  • We’d like people can connect better on this network, based on their identity, and authentic past experiences/achievements.

  • We want everyone to have a better way to express their uniqueness, and shape themselves through verifiable experiences and abilities.