PIG: Credentialing Protocols for Rapid Employment in Novel Industries

I think this is really interesting and it is tangential to some of the problems that I am trying to tackle in my own undertaking.

I’m particularly interested in two related threads:

  1. How to enable institutional trust building where reputation/credentials can be formed but when the trust is violated (via corrupted institutions, etc) they can hotswap out the institution without losing access to all the rest of the benefits of the system in which they are currently participating. I.e. currently if you think the medical establishment is doing a bad job gatekeeping, it is illegal to go to a non-board certified surgeon for X procedure.

  2. If you think about co-creating credentials with businesses, this might be something like a history of work terms, payment settlement, disputes/resolutions, and work product samples. Some of this can benefit from presence on-chain (i.e. payment settlement between entities implies a level of success to an agreement), while others might not make sense in that format for either cost or privacy reasons (i.e. work terms might not want to be publicly published, particularly between completion of the project; or work product might be private/proprietary)

Whether or not either of us are selected for PIG engagements, I’d love to discuss where you are going with this work and how you think about it in greater depth as I think this is a critical area of exploration for new protocols as old institutions crumble and we look to new forms of human organization.