Montage of movie scenes featuring the word "protocol"

Time for periodic reshare of the most fun output of the summer of protocols, this montage of scenes from movies with people saying “protocol” compiled by Kara Kittel

What’s the title of the movie this still was taken from? :thinking:

I think I saw that you found an answer on Farcaster - Elysium right?

Yes, the still is from Elysium.

It has been interesting to see whether people recall the “Protocol Reboot” plot element or if they focus on deciphering the fictional UI depicted in the film, which is set in the year 2154.

Also, considering “Protocol Reboots” from the perspective of protocol layering is intriguing. I am on the lookout for other real-world or fictional instances where vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the lower layers of the protocol stack have been accessed and manipulated for various reasons - from enabling constructive change to pursuing more sinister ends.

Doctor Who Sontaran war episode

Watched a bit of an original star wars movie yesterday and learned that C3PO is a protocol droid: Protocol droid | Wookieepedia | Fandom