MILLU: a surrounding protocol for coordination

MILLU: A Surrounding Protocol for Coordination

Melissa Turner
Rebekah Green
Looking for 1-2 others.

What is MILLU and Short Description
MILLU is startup blending the physical & virtual, agential & relational, web 3/4 & web 2 to create spatial-temporal contexts for individuals to fluidly step into the exploration of what it means to be a ‘21st Century’ human. While we needed to pause MILLU for a few months, after attending EthDenver, Edge City, connecting with some folks at The Boys Club Summit in Austin, and participating in a Cabin DAO event, I (and we) are inspired to revive MILLU’s vision. Rather than the traditional mode for startups (scale fast and break things), we are motivated to nourish MILLU from a sense-making, research-creating practice alongside other’s in a co-relationality. {}

MILLU’s first season out in the world instigating ‘“A Surrounding Protocol for Coordination” is a proposition to pilot a tour of bespoke, lean, mobile pop-up hubs to bring awareness, access, and calibrated POVs into our shifting cultural commons. We have benefitted greatly from our time spent in diverse and multigenerational cultures and have found that we can sensemake better in an environment of engagement where age and paper trail backgrounds fade and the innate abilities of people in complexities are augmented to reach through the reductions and into the generative present.

We acknowledge that our future as a species is going to be very different than we have projected, expected, or simulated with the inclusion of Super Intelligence. With this acknowledgement we know we need to stimulate coordination and access so as to create the conditions for entering into novel ways of being, perceiving, relating, and creating ourselves in the world. This effort to build a body of Coordination through a protocol improvement and enhancement feels like the most necessary step in the direction of our coordinated future with Super Intelligence.

What is the existing target protocol you are hoping to improve or enhance? Eg: hand-washing, traffic system, connector standards, carbon trading.

Libraries as {Living} Repositories of Knowledge, Information Sciences made more intuitive, and IRL to URL to IRL toggling and integrating for the 21st Century Human.

What is the core idea or insight about potential improvement you want to pursue?
MILLU will be a distributed, coordinated, and community curated web of interactive information, research, and co-creation. By aiming to be “the Library’s Library,” the focus is on aggregating and organizing information, with an intention of fostering collaboration and innovation within the realm of cultural production and human development. MILLU aims give birth to and participate in a “network effect,” amplifying and accelerating a coordination stack that can act as a flexible, scalable model in these complex fields during this critical moment in our species’ evolution. in the complex fields of cultural production (or facilitation) and human development. for communities of all sorts around the world. the impact and reach of this effort, potentially by building connections and partnerships.

What is your discovery methodology for investigating the current state of the target protocol? Eg: field observation, expert interviews, historical data analysis, failure event analysis
We will be using observation, interview methodologies, and experimental data compilation.
We will be hosting a tour of pop-ups and workshops that will be intersecting with notable web3 and other sense-making gatherings happening during May through August 2024. As part of this tour, we are designing programming for demos of cutting edge technology mixed with other kinesthetic activities. This programming, in turn, will instigate a series of Book Swarm’s (co-creating narrative as a way of metabolizing group process) to capture and publish the emergent language that is describing our currents of today. We plan to take on twelve people as MILLU’s first cohort, specifically to help frame and identify a possible program we will be running called “P.O.V.: A multimedia portrait of selfhood.”

In what form will you prototype your improvement idea? Eg: Code, reference design implementation, draft proposal shared with experts for feedback, A/B test of ideas with a test audience, prototype hardware, etc.

We will be prototyping by:

Hosting collaborative Book Swarms and Process Design Workshops at our MILLU pop-ups
Hosting Weekly Demo session with cutting Edge Tech
Introducing cultural production micro practices
Engaging in feedback discussions and metabolizations with participants

How will you field-test your improvement idea? Eg: run a restricted pilot at an event, simulation, workshop, etc.

After our initial pop-up at Edge Esmerelda we will be hosting a Bookswarm at the end of the Edge Esmerelda Duration (June 1-30th 2024 Healdsburg, CA)

Who will be able to judge the quality of your output? Ideally name a few suitable judges.

Gary Sheng; Sensemaker, Cultural Producer, and Co-Founder of Edge Esmeralda
Ann Badillo; Investor, Mentor, and Creator of Book Swarm
Nora Bateson; Theorist, Sensemaker, and founder of Warm Data
Matthew Shutte: Surfer and Business Dev for Holochain.

How will you publish and evangelize your improvement idea? Eg: Submit proposal to a standards body, publish open-source code, produce and release a software development kit etc.

We will publish a compendium of the contextual duration from our book swarm. We will also produce and release development kits for MILLU Pop-ups. Thirdly, we will create an interactive aggregation news channel for our interested members.

What is the success vision for your idea?

Coordination and access to how we think about and approach technology’s great opportunities and challenges needs to be normal, informal, and well designed from the bottom up. That looks like great branding and sufficient funding. We clearly need each other to move through this massive change in our cosmology, and so too do we need Places that advocate for us: this is why we need MILLU as a repository of emergent knowing & knowledge. In line with the developing zeitgeist, MILLU’s infrastructure will be distributed both physically and virtually, amplifying its relevance, adaptability, and durability for this transformative moment. Like the many great libraries throughout our history, MILLU will be a beacon: a word, an idea, and a place that inspires us to keep growing, learning, and supporting each other.


I love some parts of your concept, and I’d like to add few more aspects:

  • using your “tech Hubs” as “local Hubs” for decentralising events – a step in-between “online” & “on-site” events (example: List of Local Hubs – RIPE 87)
  • similarly : adding “distributed hackathons” as one of the types of events at “tech Hubs”
  • plus: each one can be a mini “hack-Lab” / makerspace…

So many possibilities!

I’d love to brainstorm with you (not sure if I can be a full team-member, I am in Europe and not available for commitments…).

Hi there! Thank You for the feedback. I haven’t finished with the proposal quite yet working with a mobile device only there are some (fun) limitations to navigate.

I appreciate the orientation toward local hubs rather than tech hubs.

I am open to brainstorming, planning to generate a mobile lab that we can bring around CA this summer to some pop-up villages and similar things to instigate more engagement.