Grocery Protocols to City

Protocles hold vast real-world applications, especially in country and city design. Just as every country boasts a capital and each Chinese province hosts a provincial capital, resources often flow towards and concentrate around these central hubs. However, much like the rotating staircases of Hogwarts, shifting our focus to another city or pathway could lead to significant changes in dynamic.

Imagine viewing the Chinese map as a chessboard, strategically selecting seven cities to form a strategic layout akin to a game of Go. This concept inspires the creation of a unique “active point map,” exploring alternative pathways, optimal resource allocation, and hidden gems beyond the typical spotlight.

For the Protocle Challenge, I aim to delve into the essence of these seven non-capital cities. I’ll embark on an exploration of their bustling markets, capturing the vibrant essence of these locales. From uncovering the enchanting tales hidden within lesser-known landmarks to discovering the culinary treasures, flora, and traditions unique to these off-the-beaten-path destinations, I seek to showcase the enchantment waiting beyond the city center. More than this, what if we view them as pathways, guiding the evolution and development of entire cities?


Love this. Grocery stores, farmer’s markets, etc. could represent great perspectives for understanding city protocols, and the markets themselves embody protocols. Besides, exploring 7 cities could be a continuous process of deep thinking and look forward to the output. Perhaps some blogs or reports could be considered as outputs?

I tend to turn this exploration into a series. Each market indeed has its own unique tapestry of protocols and histories to uncover. Starting with 7 cities is just the beginning; considering there are 685 cities in China alone, and countless more worldwide, the possibilities for discovery are truly endless. Perhaps delving into different markets could even evolve into a global exploration of cultural and economic landscapes. Exciting times ahead!